About us

Why the name AppCell?

For Cellular Application
There is no shortage of applicationsfor our expertise, and the materials we use are often"cellular", light, resistant, insulating... they are a treasure trove of opportunities.
For the most creative, we can also see the"app" linked to a connected object, the"cell" of a mobile phone in English, or a reference to a famous brand of batteries whose energy seems to have no limits!

Our human wealth

The team is growing with the projects and the confidence of our customers. We are now about twenty people, with varied and complementary profiles and skills.
What brings us together?
A dynamic and enthusiastic state of mind and the desire to do everything possible to satisfy our customers. We share strong values and ethics, both in terms of respect for people and in our commitment to society and the environment through concrete actions.
Photo montage of each member of the Appcell team.
Want to join us?
Our opportunities

A project that goes against the grain... and ahead of its time

Denis Ménoret, Matthieu and Jean-Pierre Billiard created AppCell in 2017: A leading industry in the transformation of cellular materials in Beaucouzé near Angers. Hot lamination, coating, thermo-compression, are all specific expertise to the region, historically marked by the shoe industry.
The three founders of Appcell: Jean-Pierre Billiard, Matthieu Billiard and Denis Ménoret
The idea? To capitalize on these skills and extend their field of application to new sectors and products.
Creating a factory from scratch seems like a crazy gamble. But the team created believes in the potential of Made in France, as long as creativity, innovation and quality are present. The measure of success also lies in the team dynamics instilled from the outset: human relations are placed at the heart of the company's project.
4 years later, the customers are there, the team is growing, ideas and projects are abounding... and this is only the beginning of the story!

A committed CSR approach

A responsible and supportive corporate culture.
Since our creation, we have been working with different partners in order to integrate good social, environmental and ethical practices from our very first steps.
In partnership with ADECC and a network of companies, we are committed to developing a circular economy.
Choice of clean technologies (no flaming);
Use of natural and non-solvent based glue;
Client of a professional reintegration company specialized in recycling;
Continuous search for solutions for recycling and reuse of our waste.
We are proud to produce barrier masks made from recycled plastic bottles. Made in France is also, in itself, a commitment to the environment.
Produce and source locally or thousands of miles away? We have made our choice, so have our customers!
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