Our expertise
We offer innovative cellular material processing techniques
and adapted to the most demanding applications.

Our goal is to provide solutions to optimize the function or
application of the final product, using the best technologies and materials. We specialise in bonding and hot lamination, and use complex and rare assembly and processing techniques. Our machine park combines a wide range of possibilities under one roof, from coating to lamination, laser engraving, digital cutting or 3D shaping.

Joining and complexing of materials

AppCell uses a variety of techniques to bond plastic, textile and fibrous materials.
We have developed particular expertise in the use of hot melt films and HOTMELT PSA(pressure sensitive adhesive) bonding. We use a non-reactive thermoplastic adhesive based on synthetic rubber, without solvents.
These products have a permanent adhesive power after cooling. Our assembly lines allow a very precise control of the glue weight and guarantee the respect of the most severe standards.
Photo of the Meyer machine.

The 2D transformation

Products assembled by AppCell are available in sheet or roll form. They can be delivered as is, however, to meet our customers' requirements, we have the necessary equipment to produce cut parts in series or in kit form!

The 3D transformation

We have extensive expertise in the hot forming of these complex materials, by thermocompression or thermoforming.
Photo of the 3D cutting machine
We process a wide range of cellular materials. These materials can be used for a wide range of functions: lightness, fire resistance, buoyancy, waterproofing, UV resistance, chemical resistance, comfort, noise, shock and vibration absorption, etc. The materials most frequently used in industry are melamine, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane foams, cellular rubber and polyester fibres.
These materials can be combined with films(PU, aluminium, etc.), textiles, non-wovens and adhesives. Finally, we know how to combine these materials with various supports such as wood,ABS, PMMA or various metals.